Integrate Recapped with your entire tech stack

Seamlessly consolidate everything in one place, making your life a lot easier.

Airtable seamlessly integrates with Airtable to sync workspace data with additional systems. The Airtable integration automatically flows key deal workspace fields into corresponding Airtable bases. This provides extended flexibility to connect with other platforms via Airtable's API.


The Box integration links workspaces to Box content repositories to access and manage sales materials. Once connected, sales teams can view, share, and track engagement on Box files directly within workspaces to keep collateral organized.

CRM integrates with Salesforce, HubSpot, and other CRM systems via API to synchronize contacts, accounts, deals, and meaningful activity bi-directionally. The CRM integration embeds Recapped natively into workflows.

CRM Embed

The CRM embed integration displays workspace details and activity directly within CRM records to unite systems into centralized deal hubs. Key workspace fields, contacts, content, notes, and tasksfeed into CRM layouts natively through embedded widgets.


The Calendly integration enables scheduling meetings and sending calendar invites directly within workspaces to simplify coordinating sales activities. Users connect their Calendly account to automatically pull availability into workspaces.


The Dropbox integration connects Recapped workspaces to Dropbox accounts, enabling accessing and sharing files stored in Dropbox directly within Recapped for centralized collaboration. Sales teams can preview, annotate, and track engagement on Dropbox content.

Figma integrates with Figma to centralize design file access and feedback within workspace content libraries. Sales teams can embed Figma files for live previews complete with commenting and version controls.

Google Data Studio

The Google Data Studio integration connects Recapped workspace data with Data Studio for expanded analysis and reporting capabilities. This adds dashboarding, publishing, and automated data refreshing to monitor sales activities.

Google Docs

Streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration with's seamless Google Docs integration. This powerful feature allows you and your prospects/customers to view, edit, and collaborate on Google Docs right within the Recapped platform.

Google Drive integrates with Google Drive allowing sales teams to access and manage content from Google Drive directly within workspaces to keep collateral organized. Files stay synced automatically.

Google Forms

The Google Forms integration enables creating quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, and other web forms using Google Forms and securely embedding them into Recapped sales collateral for leads to fill out right within workspace materials.

Google Sheets seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets allowing automatic data synchronization from Recapped workspaces into Google Sheets for extended analysis. Connected workspaces update linked sheets continually.

Google Slides

The Google Slides integration connects Recapped workspaces to Google Slides presentations stored in Google Drive accounts, allowing sales teams to preview, comment, download, and track engagement on Slides content directly from within workspace materials.

HubSpot seamlessly integrates with HubSpot enabling pushing workspace details into HubSpot CRM for centralized management and visibility. Contacts, companies, deals, meetings, and files sync automatically to unite systems.

HubSpot Forms

The HubSpot Forms integration allows creating and embedding HubSpot lead capture and contact forms directly within Recapped workspace materials for prospects to conveniently submit without interrupting workflow.


The Lucidchart integration connects Recapped workspaces directly with Lucidchart documents for real-time collaboration on designs, flowcharts, and diagrams during the sales process. Charts stay in sync with visibility into version history.

Microsoft Office natively integrates with Microsoft Office enabling sales teams to collaborate on Office documents like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint stored in SharePoint or OneDrive directories directly within workspaces.

Microsoft OneDrive

The Microsoft OneDrive integration connects Recapped workspaces directly to OneDrive accounts, allowing sales teams to securely manage, share, track, and collaborate on sales documents stored in OneDrive without toggling between systems.

Miro integrates with visual collaboration platform Miro to embed Miroboards into workspace materials for real-time ideation, design, and planning. Team members co-create and interact with boards in context.


The integration automatically synchronizes Recapped workspace data with Monday projects for enhanced task management and automation. New workspace activity flows into corresponding Monday tasks and subtasks.


The PandaDoc integration allows creating, sending, and tracking interactive quotes and proposals automatically from Recapped spaces. Teams can also embed approved PandaDocs into workspace materials for simplified access.


The Pitch sales presentation integration connects Recapped workspaces to Pitch decks for one-click access to the latest presentation slides without toggling between platforms. Sales reps can present and collaborate on Pitch content within workspaces.

Salesforce integrates with Salesforce CRM enabling automatic synchronization of contacts, accounts, opportunities, and meaningful workspace interactions using Salesforce APIs. The bi-directional integration unites systems.

Salesforce Embed

The Salesforce CRM embed integration displays Recapped workspace details and activity streams directly within Salesforce deal records for centralized opportunity management without toggling systems. Key fields, tasks, documents and notes update in real-time.


The Slack integration sends notifications into Slack channels directly from Recapped workspaces to centralize communications and drive adoption. Workspace updates like comments, content views, and reminders post in context.


The Spotify integration allows collaboratively building playlists of tracks and podcasts directly within Recapped workspaces for customer prospecting and presentations. Music builds rapport and memories.


The Typeform integration embeds interactive Typeform questionnaires, surveys, calculators, and lead capture forms natively into Recapped workspace materials for prospects to conveniently complete without work stoppages.

Zapier integrates with Zapier to connect workspaces with thousands of apps for workflow automation across tools like Gmail, Dropbox, Calendly, LinkedIn, and more. Zaps enable notifications, data sharing, and recursive actions between platforms.


The Zoom integration allows sales teams to initiate and join meetings, screen shares, chat, and video calls instantly from within Recapped workspaces using existing Zoom accounts. Meetings remain in context.

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