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Create Mutual Action Plans for prospects that drive next steps, increase accountability, and keep everyone on the same page. Literally.

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Recapped is the world's first and only
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How it works

Create collaborative page

Recap your call, set next steps for prospects to complete, and upload relevant sales content

Share with prospects

Automatically send prospects a link or include it in your emails. No usernames or passwords

Drive deals forward

Stakeholders and decision makers can dynamically engage your content in real-time

Trusted by 1,500+ of the worlds most innovative companies

The leading Mutual Action Plan software

Actually hold prospects accountable. Create a checklist of next steps with deadlines and automatic email reminders.

Replace email chains. Bring stakeholders and decision makers onto the same page, without 20 million emails.

Remove uncertainty. Ensure your sales team follows best practices with Reusable Templates.

Eliminate inaccurate forecasting. Gain complete transparency into the state of the deal, and what needs to be done.

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"Recapped flat-out changes client-team behavior by creating a visible, mutual action plan. As a Director of Sales, this has made for more predictable forecasting and greater transparency into key deals.

I researched a dozen other project management and client portal type platforms. Recapped is the only one that has a beautiful, clean, zero-friction interface for your clients and does everything a B2B sales team needs.

This is a game changer. We have 100% adoption of the tool and couldn't be happier."

Andrew Smallwood
Director of Sales

Consolidate all communication

Recap your conversation and share sales collateral with everyone invovled in the deal

Chat in real-time

Bring everybody together, eliminating a million email chains

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Track client engagement

See what your prospects are downloading, viewing, and who they're sharing it with

Save yourself hours

Gain back hours that were wasted digging through emails. What could you do with an extra 2 hours per week?

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