Simplify your sales process

B2B buying is hard. Unlike the B2C market where potential buyers are individuals, a complex B2B buying process likely goes through 6-10 decision makers, each with their own set of qualifications, processes and timelines. is the easiest way to arm your champion with the right materials, guide them through the entire journey, and set clear next steps. Request a demo to see how Recapped can help you easily reduce friction in your B2B buyer journey.

1. Arm Your Champion With the Right Information

With so many stakeholders, it’s important to be armed with the right information. Your champion has to field objections and blockers on your behalf. 

Make their lives easier by consolidating resources, information, and specs all in one place. Anticipate their needs and provide more information than they will probably need, so they can feel prepared and confident when selling your product for you to their stakeholders. 

2. Guide Them Through the Entire Journey

In the maze that is B2B buying, you need to lead the way as a guide. You’ve managed countless complex sales cycles, they haven’t. As the de facto expert, your goal is to be a trusted advisor. 

How do you do that? With Mutual Action Plans. 

This might be the first time your buyer has purchased a product like yours. Guide them through the process by creating a collaborative plan that maps out your sales process to their buyer process. 

3. Set Clear Next Steps & Milestones

Our data shows that buyers are 65% more likely to complete a task when their name is assigned to it with a deadline. 

Work backwards from your go-live date to clearly outline every step. Don’t just map out the next few steps, instead walk buyers through the entire buyer journey. Take them from your first call through onboarding and implementation.

Set expectations by collaborating together and creating a checklist of next steps that need to be done by both parties, with clear owners and specific due dates. This ensures a seamless journey, with no surprises. 

Not sure where to begin?

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We've analyzed over 50,000 deals through our platform. is the easiest way to arm your champion with the right materials, guide them through the entire journey, and set clear next steps. By integrating directly with your CRM, Recapped enables collaboration with your internal teammates, and more importantly, with your buyers.

You can't control the market, your competitors, or your product.

But you can control your buyer's experience.


Forecast with confidence

Gain real-time visibility into the status of your deals without complicated reports.

Manage your entire deal

Drive deals from Proof of Concept to onboarding all in one place.

Integrate directly with Salesforce

Recapped seamlessly ties into your existing workflow, making it easy to adopt.

Faster implementations

Enterprise deals require more buttoned up technical validation to close – Recapped provides this in a clear and organized way.

Jacob Stein
Jacob Stein
Chief of Staff at Clyde
Faster handoff & implementations

If you have a multi-step B2B sales or onboarding process, Recapped is a game-changer. Our clients love the platform.

Andrew Smallwood
Andrew Smallwood
Director of Sales at Second Nature
Sales volume increase

I don't know how we managed deals before Recapped. We get clear insights into what the reps are doing and can save deals before it's too late. Amazing.

Lee Insinga
Lee Insinga
COO at Datasembly
New deals completed

Easiest software for Enterprise Mutual Action and Account Plans. Can be implemented in minutes.

Tracey Solanas
Tracey Solanas
VP of Enterprise Sales at VTS
Conversion rate increase

A much needed tool for any mid-market or enterprise sale. It's definitely improved my close rates too.

Ian Grady
Ian Grady
Enterprise Account Executive at Pendo
Return on investment

Recapped is easily the biggest game changer to our sales stack. THIS is how EVERY team should be selling!

Chris Hollister
Chris Hollister
VP of Sales at Guided