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If there's a template you need that isn't in our library, please submit a request!

In a template, there are typically the following tabs:
  1. Summary
    This tab contains a recap of everything you talk about with your prospect, buyer, or customer, which usually contains an executive summary and a list of stakeholders.
  2. Next Steps *
    This tab is the heart of Mutual Action Plans. You'll be able to set a clear timeline of necessary steps, including evaluation, proof of concept, commercial, legal, and implementation.
  3. Resources
    Embed any links, videos, or documents of resources, marketing content, case studies, and other materials your champion/client needs.
  4. Pricing & Legal
    This tab contains all preliminary pricing options and proposals, legal contracts, and RFP's.
  5. Methodology Qualifiers **
    Ensure adoption for methodology qualification questions.
  6. Internal Notes **
    This tab will help you manage the deal and keep your notes in one place.
  7. CRM Sync **
    CRM sync to bi-directionally sync with Salesforce or HubSpot.

* You can hide steps from external collaborators and make them strictly internal to keep you on task. If you're running a Proof-of-Concept or want to include the onboarding and implementation process, you can hide that portion until you and your buyer/customer are ready for it.

** This tab is typically hidden from external collaborators. When you're in presentation mode, your clients won't be able to see it. This helps streamline your internal process, so internal collaborators won't have to jump from platform to platform.

Historically, mutual action plans were made on spreadsheets and sent via email. Resources (Sales collateral, content, and more) have also been sent via email. Why not consolidate all of that into ONE customizable area? Make it easier for you and your buyers/customers.

  1. Spreadsheets get lost in email inboxes and other forms of communication.
  2. Low adoption between reps and their buyers/customers.
  3. Complex to use and create.
  4. Not buyer/customer friendly.
  5. Not everything a buyer/customer needs is in this document.

Recapped makes it easy for your team to incorporate your Mutual Action Plan with your sales and post-sales playbooks, as well as, any documents or materials needed for your buyer and customer to understand what's going on.

Who this template is for:
  1. Sales leaders...
    that want to improve rep and buyer engagement and accountability, create a repeatable process and visibility into reps’ pipeline, forecasting, and insights for easier pipeline review.
  2. Account Executives...
    that want to manage complex sales cycles to match their buyers’ buying process in a collaborative way, and provide a seamless handoff to Customer Success.
  3. Sales Enablement & Sales Operations...
    that want to reinforce trainings and standardize sales process frameworks, and enable their sales team to enable their buyers and champions.
  4. Customer Success leaders...
    that want to gain visibility, improve engagement and accountability, and create a standardized process.
  5. Onboarding and Implementation specialists...
    that want to consolidate everything in one place, improve time to value, and provide a better experience for their new customers.
  6. Anybody with complex deals, multiple stakeholders, a lot of back-and-forth communication.
  7. Anybody who wants to give their external stakeholders (buyers and customers) the best experience working with you and your organization.
  8. Anybody who wants to take more control and have more visibility and insights into their deals and processes.
There's a reason why everyone is so passionate about Recapped templates:
  1. Eliminates back-and-forth email threads
    Don’t let important information get lost in email inboxes.
  2. Customizable
    Every organization is different. Customize these templates to your processes and maximize efficiency.
  3. Repeatable
    Templates are templates for a reason! Don't recreate the wheel. Save time.
  4. Consolidate Sales collateral, content, contracts, and more
    Organize everything you and your buyer need in one centralized location.
  5. Create accountability through mutually agreed upon next steps
    If your buyer doesn’t agree to next steps, that’s a red flag.
  6. Standardizes qualifying frameworks
    Incorporate methodologies, like Winning by Design’s SPICED™️, MEDDIC/MEDDICC/MEDDPICC, ValueSelling, FORCE Management, and more on every deal!
  7. Track prospect engagement and insights
    Gauge how much a buyer/client is interacting with your workspace. Through our buyer-centric forecasting, determine the health of your deal. Know when a deal is slipping.
    This leads to easy and accurate forecasting for pipeline review between leadership and reps.
  8. Sync bi-directionally with Salesforce or HubSpot
    Create client-facing Mutual Action Plans in seconds, and instantly sync them to your CRM. Recapped automatically syncs all Account and Opportunity fields bi-directionally in real-time.

Example snapshot of the Next Steps tab:

Tell us what you'd like to see: 👉 Request a Template 👈

Request a Template

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