Pilot Plan

Pilot Plan

Use this template to create Mutual Action Plans with your buyers for navigating through a pilot to match your product’s value to your customer’s needs.

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Modern sales teams use Mutual Action Plans to manage their deals, align timelines with champions, and better forecast outcomes.

This template combines an enterprise Mutual Action Plan with a pilot plan already built in.

A Pilot Plan is a trial period within a small team designed to look at the feasibility, cost, and ROI of a product or service. This is one phase of the whole sales cycle. Typically the pilot plan is the most complex because it’s the most critical. This is when most people are involved in the evaluation. If there’s a misalignment of goals, unclear next steps, business objectives, or solution requirements, then the pilot may fail and your deal may fall apart.

Work collaboratively with your buyers to determine their business objectives and success criteria, and track them:

  1. Business Objectives - Summary of the current state and challenges that your customers are facing, the quantifiable impacts of these challenges, and the desired outcomes and solutions you can provide.
  2. Solutions Requirements - Technical and feature-level capabilities that are expected and required for a solution and your alignment with the customers’ needs.
  3. Pilot Success Criteria - Measurable outcomes are tracked for the duration and validated by the end of the pilot ensuring desired business outcomes are achieved and for customer agreement to move forward.

Recapped makes it easy for your team to incorporate a pilot plan within a deal. No more having to send countless emails and tedious spreadsheets. The Recapped customer collaboration platform streamlines your deals, consolidates every stakeholder in a single place, and ensures perfect deal execution.

This template is perfect for you if pilot plans are effective, or if you’re having trouble keeping pilots on a good trajectory and want to track buyer engagement.

Who this template is for:
  1. Sales leaders that want to have visibility over pilot plans that their reps are running.
  2. Account Executives, Sales Engineers, Solutions Engineers, and Solutions Consultants that want to organize, manage, and monitor pilots in a more interactive and collaborative way, and keep everyone on track through the agreed-upon timelines.
Benefits of this template:
  1. Sync bi-directionally with Salesforce or HubSpot
    Create client-facing Mutual Action Plans in seconds, and instantly sync them to your CRM. Recapped automatically syncs all Account and Opportunity fields bi-directionally in real-time.
  2. Standardize your qualifying framework
    Arm your team, and your champion, with the right information at every step of the deal.
  3. Visibility throughout the pilot plan
    Ensure all stakeholders have clarity and understanding of their business objectives, solutions requirements, and pilot success criteria.
  4. Fully customizable to your processes
    Update this template to match your organization’s needs.
What's in this template:
  1. Timeline
  2. Stakeholder charts for Evaluation Team
  3. Business Objectives, Solutions Requirements, and Pilot Success Criteria Tracking
  4. Next Steps to set a clear timeline of necessary steps, including evaluation, pilot, commercial, legal, and implementation
  5. Resources, marketing content, case studies, and other materials your champion needs
  6. ROI and Preliminary Pricing Options, legal contracts, and RFP’s
  7. Internal Notes to help you manage the deal
  8. CRM sync to bi-directionally sync with Salesforce or HubSpot

Pilot Plan

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