Update HubSpot without headaches

Update and manage your deals and while enabling your buyers at the same time. A single place for your entire deal to live.

Manage Deals and Companies in seconds
Improve data hygiene and forecasting
Share information with other departments

Manage deals, set next steps, share content, and track buyer engagement all on one page.

No more jumping between a million tools. Consolidate your entire deal in a collaborative action plan for you, your team, and your buyer.

Seamlessly update and manage Deals, Companies, Contacts, and Next Steps. Gain back hours of your day.

Sales Opportunity
Recapped Action Plan for Enterprise

Sell with repeatable consistency

Templatize your sales motion to ensure every deal is qualified, updated, and follows best practice.

Improve data hygiene and forecasting

No more "did you update HubSpot?" slack messages. Save hours per day of busy work, and get direct insights into deals

Deal Engagement ScoreForecast Deals
Handoff Smoothly

Handoff smoothly
to post-sales

Collaborate with internal Sales Engineers and Customer Success teams from discovery through renewals.

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