Sales Handoff

Sales Handoff

Your buyer is now your new customer. Provide a seamless handoff experience for your new customer through this template.

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It will eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth emails, time-consuming spreadsheets, and other manual tools.

Onboarding and implementation teams think of this as a project management tool for their internal teams to give their new customers a delightful experience.

This template is a Mutual Action Plan specializing in the handoff from sales to customer success for a seamless onboarding and implementation processes and serves as a game changing Customer Onboarding Checklist, while being able to include any materials and resources that are needed.

A Sales Handoff template is a personalized plan with information, resources, and next steps to get your new customers up and running as soon as possible. It helps provide a centralized location where sales and CS teams can store important information of what was talked about and promised to your customer.

Customer Success teams commonly need the following from Sales:

  1. Why the customer bought
  2. What are their pains that you'll be solving
  3. How you'll be solving them
  4. Contract details
  5. Opportunity qualification notes
  6. Addition handoff notes

Recapped makes it easy for Customer Success teams to know everything necessary to give a great first impression and continue to build a strong relationship. Through mutual action plans, they'll be able to ensure nothing falls through the cracks and get everyone on the same page while building a repeatable process for the success of all new clients.

This template is perfect for you if you’re having trouble with standardizing your handoff and onboarding process.

Who this template is for:
  1. CS Leaders that want to gain visibility, improve engagement and accountability, and create a standardized handoff and onboarding process that’s repeatable so that all stakeholders can expect the same frictionless implementation experience time and time again.
  2. Account Managers, Onboarding and Implementation specialists, and reps that want to consolidate everything in one place, improve time to value, and provide a better experience for their new customers.
Benefits of this template:
  1. Sync bi-directionally with Salesforce or HubSpot
    Create client-facing Mutual Action Plans in seconds, and instantly sync them to your CRM. Recapped automatically syncs all Account and Opportunity fields bi-directionally in real-time.
    Track your progression of key events through critical fields and tasks with bi-directional updates.
  2. Standardize your onboarding and implementation process
    Arm your reps with a repeatable process for every onboarding.
  3. Consolidation of all the necessary resources
    This Recapped workspace will be your new customer’s single space for everything they need to implement your product/services.
    Upload your tutorial guides and videos, best practices, and more useful tips.
    You can even request your clients to upload any necessary documents.
  4. Increase user adoption and engagement with new customers
    Monitor client engagement through Recapped to see how much they are interacting with your material and where they are in the process.
    Set regular check-ins to ensure adoption for new customers.
  5. Speed up Go-To-Market cycles/go live timelines
    Set clear next steps to align your customers and their goals to realize the full value of your solution.
    Track your progression of key events through critical fields and tasks with bi-directional updates.
  6. Allows for a quick view of the implementation pipeline
    Managers and reps can see all active onboarding and implementations within everyone’s dashboard.

What's in this template:
  1. Business Objectives and Success Criteria to align stakeholders
  2. Next steps to set a clear timeline of necessary steps, including implementation, strategic meetings, and post-onboarding check-ins
  3. Resources, marketing content, case studies, and other materials your new customers need
  4. Internal Notes to help you manage handoff notes from your sales team
  5. CRM Sync to bi-directionally sync with Salesforce or HubSpot

How to use this template?

  • Update client stakeholders, handoff notes, and additional information
  • Customize next steps specific to your process
  • Upload useful resources
  • Share internally and externally with clients

“A tool for working with our clients, not at them.”

Sales Handoff

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