Account Plan

Account Plan

Use this template to be highly effective in ensuring all key initiatives are on track for long-term success and ongoing expansion within extremely high-value accounts.

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It will eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth emails, time-consuming spreadsheets, and other manual tools.

Modern sales teams use an account planning template to develop a long-term strategy for value delivery and expansion within a prospect or customer.

This template gives your account team a holistic view of your key customer in a single living document where anyone on your team can take action.

Enterprise account plans are documents that Account Managers use to gather all of their knowledge about large complex accounts in order to develop a long-term strategy for value delivery and expansion in tandem with their team and champions.

Account plans are for strategizing and taking action. CRMs are great for storing data, but they don’t have the ability to map out a plan and make it intuitive. There’s no way to organize the information and strategize effectively for complex organizations.

A top-notch Enterprise Account planning process typically consists of:

  1. Summary of customer’s business strategy
  2. Customer’s key business initiatives
  3. Understanding of key stakeholders in every major business unit or department
  4. Audit of customer’s products and revenue
  5. Key dates and milestones across projects throughout the whole account
  6. Analysis of customer competition

Each organization has its own way of account planning. Recapped makes it easy for your team to customize and incorporate all of this information within one organized workspace. No more having to search through countless emails, tedious spreadsheets, and folders on individuals’ computers. The Recapped revenue collaboration platform consolidates everything you need to strategically plan and link to those workspaces.

Who this template is for:
  1. Sales leaders that want to manage and organize all enterprise account strategies and information in a single place to better collaborate cross-departmentally, maintain healthy relationships with executives within the account, as well as, pursuing new opportunities for expansion.
  2. Account Executives that want to view and manage complex accounts in a more interactive and collaborative way.
Benefits of this template:
  1. Sync bi-directionally with Salesforce or HubSpot
    Create client-facing Mutual Action Plans in seconds, and instantly sync them to your CRM. Recapped automatically syncs all Account and Opportunity fields bi-directionally in real-time.
  2. Visibility within account planning and into each workspace
    Share and collaborate with other internal team members.
  3. Consolidate every strategic project in one intuitive workspace
    Tabbed view of projects within one account plan side-by-side.
What's in this template:
  1. Executive summary
  2. Business initiatives
  3. Stakeholder chart
  4. Action item checklist
  5. Resources tab
  6. CRM sync to bi-directionally sync with Salesforce or HubSpot

Account Plan

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Eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth emails, time-consuming spreadsheets, and other manual tools.

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