Integrate directly with your CRM

Recapped DeepSync™ enables you to update and manage your deals without the headaches of your CRM. A single place for your entire deal to live.

Sync bi-directionally with Salesforce and HubSpot
Get setup in minutes, not weeks
Configurable to your workflows and processes
Sales Force and Recapped Integration

Ensure your CRM data is always up to date, and drive best practice adoption

Stop jumping between countless emails and CRM fields. Easily manage your entire
opportunity in one place, and watch everything stay in sync automatically with Recapped DeepSync™.

Instantly sync bi-directionally without the headaches.

Sales Opportunity
Recapped Action Plan for Enterprise

Easily configurable for your process

Templatize your entire sales motion to ensure every opportunity is qualified, updated, and follows best practice.

DeepSync™ saves hours of busy admin work.

Improve data hygiene and forecasting

No more "did you update Salesforce?" messages.
Save hours per day of busy work, and get direct insights into deals.

Setup your DeepSync™ integration in minutes and watch the magic happen.

Deal Engagement Score

Ensure everyone has the right information

Make sure every department from Sales Engineering to Customer Success has access to the latest, and most accurate CRM data. Every time.

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