Provide Clients With Unforgettable Implementations

Seamlessly handoff your deals to post-sales. Consolidate everything in one place and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Implement customers faster
Hold stakeholders accountable to next steps
Separate yourself from the competition
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Ensure Seamless Handoffs to Post-Sales

No more losing momentum with your valuable customers.
Create a repeatable process that wins you customers for life.

Streamline your Client Onboarding

Automatically deliver your implementation team an exact blueprint of the customers requirements and success criteria.

Recapped Action Plan for Enterprise

Delight Buyers and Increase Confidence

Give your champions the confidence of a successful implementation with clear next steps, dates, and notes.

Ensure Post-Sales has Visibility

Hold stakeholders accountable during complex evaluations, negotiations, and implementations

Learn how Second Nature streamlined sales by 34%

Easiest software for Enterprise Mutual Action and Account Plans. Can be implemented in minutes.

Tracey Solanas
VP of Enterprise Sales at VTS
Handoff Smoothly

Handoff smoothly
to post-sales

Collaborate with internal Sales Engineers and Customer Success teams from discovery through renewals.

Centralize Into One Integrated Workspace

Bring together your buyers, sales, support, and implementation with collaborative mutual action plans

Sales Opportunity

Stop losing deals
at the finish line