Digital Marketing Proposal

Digital Marketing Proposal

Use this template to create a simplified plan that organizes all scope of work, deliverables, and communication into one place.

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It will eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth emails, time-consuming spreadsheets, and other manual tools.

Modern agencies use Mutual Action Plans to manage their proposals and align timelines with clients.

This template makes it simple for your clients to collaborate and review your portfolio, scope of work, and pricing options.

Current pains of the digital marketing proposal processes:

  1. Communication is typically done through phone and email
  2. All of the assets are in different locations
  3. Anything sent via email may not be the most up to date
  4. No clear process for clients

When your clients are reviewing multiple portfolios, you want your best work to stand out.

Recapped makes it easy for your team to communicate with your clients with back-and-forth contact centralized in one place, organized assets and collateral, and ensures clarity on timelines to keep the momentum.

If you're having trouble keeping your proposals on a timeline, or want an easier way to align with your clients on a clear vision, this template is perfect for you.

Who this template is for:
  1. Marketing and Design Agencies, Digital Marketing Agents, Brand Design Professionals, Account Executives, Account Managers, Leadership, and more!
Benefits of this template:
  1. Sync bi-directionally with Salesforce or HubSpot
    Create client-facing Mutual Action Plans in seconds, and instantly sync them to your CRM. Recapped automatically syncs all Account and Opportunity fields bi-directionally in real-time.
  2. Standardize your qualifying framework
    Arm your team, and your client, with the right information at every step of the deal.
  3. Consolidate content management onto one page
    Ensure your clients have everything they need in one place.
What's in this template:
  1. Team roster to align stakeholders
  2. Scope of work, digital marketing service packages, proposals, and timelines
  3. Next Steps to set clear timeline of necessary steps for deliverables
  4. Resources, portfolio, marketing content, case studies, and other materials
  5. Internal Notes to help you manage the proposal
  6. CRM sync to bi-directionally sync with Salesforce or HubSpot

Digital Marketing Proposal

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Eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth emails, time-consuming spreadsheets, and other manual tools.

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