The #1 Collaborative Customer Onboarding Platform

Never miss a beat with a lightning-fast, integration-ready, client-facing platform for customer onboarding all from a single dashboard. Using Recapped speeds up the onboarding process threefold, allowing you to focus on so much more than just the customer experience. 

Eliminates onboarding headaches
Improves time to value
Consolidates everything in one place
Entire teams can work from the same, up-to-date workspace
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What’s Inside Recapped?

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Complete Visibility for You and Your Clients

Use our smart dashboard to instantly see a visual snapshot of all your client engagements. 

Drill deeper into their progress, areas of struggle, and their latest activity.

Everything is at your fingertips so you can quickly manage what needs attention – whether it's an email to send or a quick software update.

Hold Everyone Accountable

Make every team member responsible for each step of the onboarding process accountable. 

Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy for you to assign next steps to everyone involved in order to set up your new customer. Say with complete certainty that nothing falls through the cracks from sales to customer success and all the way down to fulfillment.

Create A RepeatableCustomer Experience

Make the onboarding journey seamless, customized and consistent at every step.

Choose from dozens of proven templates that you can use anytime you need them. No coding required – just drag and drop your way to a seamless experience for your customers.

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Integrate Directly With Your Existing Tools

Recapped is designed to make your onboarding process as simple and frictionless as possible. 

Instead of fighting to integrate our products into your existing technology, take advantage of the integrations we've already built for you. 

Featuring smart integrations with tools you’re accustomed to, you can shortcut processes and analyze previous interactions more effectively in one place. No further training or re-orienting needed.

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Decrease time wasted and money lost with shortened, smoothened & improved onboarding.

Cut your onboarding
time in half