How Cents cut their implementation time in half by replacing emails with collaboration

Standardized their customer onboarding playbook
Effectively onboard new reps quickly
Scale a repeatable process



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Cents is the industry-leading, all-in-one business management system for laundromats and dry cleaners. With Cents, owners utilize software and hardware proven to help save money, transform operations, and drive additional revenue.

“Cents was founded on the idea that laundry should be easy - so we can all spend more time doing the things we love. Software and operational tools have elevated pizza parlors, barbershops, and gyms. Why couldn't we do the same for the laundry industry? Our goal is to provide laundromats and dry cleaners with a true, all-in-one business management system that empowers them to run their business more efficiently.”

The Problem

Cents wasn’t using anything aside from email to onboard their users (new customers).

Information was getting lost in emails. There were 6 different emails and each email had different information.

Since their users weren’t getting up-to-date information and information was scattered through multiple emails, no one was on the same page. Their users were getting lost during the process. This greatly impacted the user’s experience and the effectiveness for a consistent onboarding.

This was the same for onboarding their new hires.

The Decision Process

Their sales team uses Outreach as they don’t have a very involved sales process. Customer Success didn't want to adopt Outreach. Unfortunately, it was complicated to use for their customer success team and emails weren't cutting it anymore.

Project plans are necessary to keep timelines on track. If someone misses an email, the deadline will get pushed, which means the go-live date will be delayed.

They needed an easier way to consolidate their resources and materials, and onboard their new customers by creating productive project plans for onboarding and implementation.

Similar to onboarding new customers, they needed to centralize training in one place with new employee onboarding plans as well.

The Communication Web between internal and external teams

The Solution

As the company began to evaluate solutions, they needed one that could help streamline the following:

  1. Organizing and consolidating new customer onboarding content
  2. Creating project plans for onboarding and implementation
  3. New employee onboarding plans and centralizing training in one place

From a new hire perspective, “we love this!”.

The first week of being a new hire, it’s incredibly overwhelming for them as they have new content to learn, handbooks, documents to fill out and sign, and more.

A new hire asks, "Where's the document that I need to sign?".
Their manager replies delightfully, "Everything is in Recapped!".

With Recapped, they are able to have a single source of truth for all content, training manuals, documents, and a place to know what’s next on the agenda with automatic reminders.

💡 A best practice is to bookmark your workspace!

For Cents, this is the same for onboarding new customers.

Their customer success team is now able to consolidate content, optimize timelines and strategies. Instead of having information everywhere in emails, desktops, folders, and more, they are able to put it in one single source of truth for their new customers, while assigning actionable next steps eliminating any confusion.

“We love the organization that Recapped offers us.”
— Sivan Salem, Director of Operations at Cents

The standardization for onboarding and implementation allows them to create a repeatable process that is easily followed by their team and their users.

“The ability to create templates makes things so much easier and super intuitive. We feel like our users get value out of it.”
— Sivan Salem, Director of Operations at Cents
The Ultimate Customer Collaboration Platform by Recapped

Key results of their onboarding timeline:

To Recap

Traditional emails couldn’t provide the professional onboarding that Cents wanted to give to delight their new customers. They needed an easier and organized way to deliver onboarding content for their new customers.

With Recapped, they were able to professionally cater to their new customers the powerful experience that matched their all-in-one platform and services.

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Standardized their customer onboarding playbook
Effectively onboard new reps quickly
Scale a repeatable process

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