How a cloud-based network management software was able to use Recapped to move upmarket and simplify a complex process

Standardized their sales playbook
Effectively onboard new reps quickly
Scale a repeatable process


Auvik Networks, Inc.

Ontario, Canada
Computer Networking Products

Auvik Networks, Inc. is an easy-to-use cloud-based network management software keeps IT networks around the world running optimally. Own the network.

The Problem

Auvik has large, complex, and enterprise deals. At the same time, they were promoting Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) to Account Executives (AEs) internally.

This created a unique challenge for the company...
"How can we onboard our newest sellers, move upmarket, and simplify our sales process?"

Using Google slides created a number of challenges. Slide decks were growing in complexity and size; and the process was getting lost in pages of power points.

The Decision Process

"Prior to Recapped, we used google slides to walk prospects through the deal, gather information, translate the slides into our CRM, and then share that deck with customer success team post sale. In the beginning this worked fine, but as we drove our sales up market, this created quite a challenge. Our sales decks were becoming extremely large, by one account, 85 slides for one customer. Data was getting lost in the process, AE’s were missing critical deal information, and the slides became unmanageable."

To top everything off, they were promoting Sales Development Reps into Account Executive Roles, and needed them to become familiar with the complex sales process as quickly as possible.

The Solution

As the company began to evaluate solutions, they needed one that could solve the following problems:

  1. Decrease onboarding times for newly promoted team members.
  2. Organize all of the various information collected during the sales process.
  3. Consolidate the information into a digestible format.
  4. Scale the successful playbooks across all salespeople.

After purchasing Recapped for their sales team, they were able to:

  1. Consolidate the most successful playbooks from across their sales team.
    Using Recapped’s Templates, they were able to easily map out their sales processes, include the collateral that mattered on every deal, manage meeting notes, and easily relay information to the prospect company.
  2. Onboard newly promoted SDRs quickly and using a proven methodology.
    Within templates, everyone is rowing in the same direction and using the same playbook. Newer AEs were able to follow the same pathway as tenured AEs.
  3. Scale from as many as 85 slides, to a repeatable, impactful, and easy-to-use workspace.
    Workspace tabs allowed them to use a folder-like system to organize the most critical parts of the deal like Company Summary, Buying Journey, & Priorities.
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Standardized their sales playbook
Effectively onboard new reps quickly
Scale a repeatable process

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