How Infinite Blue shortened sales cycle, created a consistent sales playbook, and increased buyer engagement

Standardized their sales playbook
Increased buyer engagement on deals
Shortened their sales cycle


Infinite Blue

Collegeville, Pennsylvania
Computer Software

About Infinite Blue Infinite Blue is a Series A SaaS company offering business continuity planning software and advisory services to enterprise accounts and regulated vertical markets. Their go-to-market strategy leverages account-based marketing and account engagement.

The Problem

Infinite Blue had several problems they needed to solve. They lacked a standard sales process, didn't effectively triangulate all their buying influences, and struggled with capturing what is most important to their prospects.

They were looking to standardize their sales playbook, enhance the buyer experience with a Joint Execution Plan to align buyer and seller expectations, and improve forecasting accuracy by eliminating subjective assessment of opportunity status.

If Infinite Blue didn't find a solution to their problems, their sales execution would have continued to struggle.

The Solution

For Infinite Blue, one of the most valuable parts about Recapped was the ability to start with a template that can be tailored to each opportunity and the varying skill sets of their AEs. "I knew what I wanted, having custom-built a similar capability in Oracle Fusion," said Bryan Bain, VP of Sales & GTM Strategy at Infinite Blue.

The Infinite Blue team carefully evaluated other platforms before making a decision. They had several risks to consider, including SOC-2 compliance and HubSpot integration. Ultimately, they selected Recapped because of the focus on process and centralized communication that would enable them to easily organize, track, and share what's important. They fully understood the limitations and committed to working with Recapped to align the roadmap with their needs.

Implementing Recapped was a frictionless experience, mainly because onboarding was done with the Recapped platform. Getting team buy-in was also seamless due to Recapped's ease of use and the clear benefits it provided.

Measurable Outcomes

Infinite Blue has had several measurable improvements since implementing Recapped. As they had hoped, they were able to create a standardized, repeatable sales process. Additionally, they noticed their prospects were much more engaged throughout the buying process. Both of these changes enabled Infinite Blue to significantly shorten their sales cycle.

"We've had a very positive experience using Recapped," said Bryan Bain. "We’re broadening the use of Recapped to include use cases for Legal, Onboarding, and Customer Success."

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Standardized their sales playbook
Increased buyer engagement on deals
Shortened their sales cycle

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