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Standardized their sales playbook
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Ownership Enrichment Platform

Clyde is on a mission to connect people to the brands they love and bring the product ownership experience to life. Clyde provides all the tools to seamlessly integrate your protection plan products into your website and display them throughout the purchase journey.

With the Ownership Enrichment Platform, we help brands (like yours) take control and take care of the post-purchase experience for their customers. We’ve reimagined product protection, registration, and issue resolution to help you create beautiful, unified ownership experiences for your customers — and unlock the LTV of your dreams.

The Problem

Prior to Recapped, Clyde used Google Docs during their sales process, and they described it as “messy” to say the least.

Their sales teams consist of enterprise, corporate, and emerging. There was no standardization throughout their whole sales organization for a consistent way to share content, collateral, and documents with their buyers.

Like many of our customers before them, they were in the same situation with sharing sales collateral and documents with their prospects and creating mutual action plans via Google Docs and spreadsheets.

This led to lost information and different versions of documents causing friction in their buyers’ buying process and a less-than-ideal selling and buying journey.

The Decision Process

Clyde needed a professional way to standardize sales processes throughout their enterprise, corporate, and emerging sales teams.

In complex sales cycles, there are typically 3-6 stakeholders involved. With Clyde going through their sales cycles, as their IT got involved, account management, and legal, they would have to look through 6-7 different emails with concerns about different versions of documents, they needed to consolidate everything in one place.

With so many variables at play, the sales team must have a collaborative sales approach where they can share content, notes, and next steps in real-time. By implementing a collaborative workspace, you can efficiently manage a complex sale, address the needs of all decision-makers, and provide a seamless purchasing process, resulting in a higher likelihood of winning the deal.

The Communication Web between internal and external teams

The Solution

Standardized their go-to-market playbook

The need for a collaborative workspace was clear.

Using a collaborative workspace, sales leaders can standardize their sales process and create a centralized repository for all their sales content. This way, the entire team always works with the most up-to-date information, and everyone follows the same best practices.

A consolidated system of all sales processes will also help pinpoint which materials, timelines, and strategies work best for each stage of the sale and can help your sales leaders implement winning formulas going forward.

For Clyde, Recapped is used as a selling tool to elevate professionalism during the sales process. They required the use of Recapped for all of their sales teams: enterprise, corporate, and emerging.  “It’s a Mutual Action Plan, all that and then some.”

“When reps see how it’s stepped out, it helps. It maintains consistency across sales reps - which helps ramp speed. From a management perspective, it drastically helped me up-level my reps’ sales acumen.”
- Craig Henehan, Director of Sales

Consolidated all information and stakeholders in one place

Their sales leader encourages their reps to lay out their path to success during the intro call/demo. They inform their buyers that they don’t have to bother taking notes as they record the call and provide the presentation. All of the information that they were going to send back and forth, will be put into this shared workspace within this project management tool called Recapped.

In order for everyone to be aligned, they share the hyperlink to this workspace in every follow-up email. As a best practice, their reps will spend about 5 minutes running through their shared workspace that he’s created and confirm and mutually agree upon the following: who will be involved, evaluation steps, and alignment.

“99% of prospects I run this with are like ‘Oh wow! Is this you guys? Do you do this? I want this for my own sales team.’”
- Craig Henehan, Director of Sales

Gained confidence with real-time visibility into buyer engagement

He was working on a deal where it’s super competitive. They haven’t heard back from their prospects in 3 weeks, and like most salespeople, no communication makes them afraid.

Prior to their following meeting, he received email notifications that his prospects were in their shared Recapped workspace. They were looking at specific documents, which let him know what they cared most about.

This buyer insight gave him the competitive advantage on how he should position their following conversation to what’s most important to his prospects.

“I know exactly what they care about and now I can position that conversation.”
- Craig Henehan, Director of Sales

To Recap

Through streamlined content management and a truly mutual action plan, Clyde was able to easily align and collaborate with their sellers and buyers. They were also able to standardize their sales process in a way that every rep can follow that’s intuitive. Finally, with buyer engagement tracking, they are able to give themselves a competitive edge and position themselves in the best light possible.

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Standardized their sales playbook
Provide a professional experience
Scale a repeatable process

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