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Jan 30, 2024

Recapping with Recapped: Versapay's VP of Customer Success Matt Berg

Mark Fershteyn
CEO & Co-founder

How This Payments Leader Rebooted Customer Success Amid 2023 Gloom

Between mass layoffs and unrelenting uncertainty, 2023 strained even loyal SaaS user bases. So how did VersaPay not just retain but reengage customers amid the broader market chill?

I sat down with VP of Customer Success Matt Berg to unpack their blueprint for renewing and driving growth despite the gloom.

Today's Revenue/GTM Leader Speaker:

Get Back to Customer Success Basics

Early on, Matt's team recommitted to refocusing on fundamentals - namely, moving the needle for users with product adoption, not just happiness surveys.

As Matt revealed, "Making customers happy was just not enough." While lagging satisfaction scores loosely correlate with retention, they don't predict expansion or prevent churn.

Instead, VersaPay doubled down on leading indicators like platform analytics to uncover precise user behavior patterns and buying stage friction. Those insights fueled tailored guidance to tangibly boost results.

The basics bore fruit. Multiple initiatives triggered aha moments that rekindled member value and reignited expansion projects sidelined amid uncertainty.

Teach, Don't Just Show

Looking to 2024, Matt prioritizes cementing VersaPay's role not just as a payments processing tool but as a collaborative change agent for financial operations.

Rather than simply showcasing shiny features, his customer success managers will embrace an educational "show and tell" methodology.

The focus? Demonstrating how to extract maximum ROI from the platform via best practice use cases, step-by-step workflows, and guided adoption.

This consultative approach - change management meets concierge service - promises to boost retention and referral velocity even if macro pressures persist.

Compete for Time and Attention

As Matt emphasized, today customer success teams compete not just against each other, but with any vendor vying for finite user mindshare.

With overwhelmed buyers juggling input from an average of 20 external parties, victors master the "art of capturing attention" with hyper-relevant, high-value interactions.

By doubling down on coaching customers to hit their targets, VersaPay cuts through the noise-earning orbit in crowded CRM constellations.

The Takeaway from Recapping with VersaPay’s Matt Berg

While keeping users happily afloat sufficed previously, 2023 calls for a renewed focus on measurable business impact.

As economic gravity intensifies, customer success must level up or lose relevance altogether. The basics bear fruit - when rooted in user needs and aspirations.

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