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Jan 23, 2024

Recapping with Recapped: Rattle's Revenue Enablement Tom Cheriyan

Mark Fershteyn
CEO & Co-founder

How This Revenue Enablement Leader Empowers His Team for Success in 2023 to 2024

For most startups, 2023 was tough. Economic uncertainty and funding winter spelled disaster for many small businesses.

So how has early-stage startup Rattle not just survived but thrived - meeting or exceeding targets all four quarters?

I sat down with Rattle's Director of Revenue Enablement Tom Cheriyan to unpack what's fueled their countercyclical growth in 2023 along with their plans keep crushing quota in 2024.

Here are the key lessons from our conversation:

Today's Revenue/GTM Leader Speaker:

#1 - Make Your Own Opportunities

Rattle's highest-performing reps took ownership for driving pipeline in 2023. Rather than wait for marketing leads, they researched target accounts deeply to enable personalized, strategic prospecting.

As Tom said, "I'm not going to just click Connect on LinkedIn and randomly connect with my personas and copy-paste messages."

No lazy prospecting. No waiting for a lucky bluebird to deliver an inbound lead. Just flawless execution and hustle to open doors.

#2 - The Sale Is Won or Lost in Discovery

According to Tom, settling on the right messaging to frame Rattle's value proposition took much reiteration.

Nailing their unique GPS analogy along with highlighting unspoken pains like overloaded seller workload (60+ ops!) proved key to catalyzing those lightbulb "oh s***" moments in discovery calls.

And once prospects grasped the urgent need Rattle addressed? It became much easier to progress opportunities through the funnel.

#3 - Pick Up the Phone in 2024

When I asked Tom what single sales play he'd focus on next year, he didn't hesitate - pick up the phone and call.

While so many startups fixate on new channels and strategies, old school cold calling endures because it works.

And even on the receiving end, Tom still takes those calls in hopes of learning something useful. With the right personalization and flawless execution, it can absolutely grab his attention.

So as pipeline looks to stay tight in 2024 especially for unproven brands, resist assumptions that cold calling is dead. Refine and double down instead.

The Takeaway from Recapping with Rattle’s Revenue Enablement, Tom Cheriyan

By zeroing in on product-market fit, enabling a consultative discovery process, and sheer determination to make plays, Rattle's already in prime position to tackle 2024 goals like 5X growth.

Sometimes in sales and startups, it's back to basics that spells the difference between monster success and failure. Rattle's results speak for themselves.

Giving Back to the Community

How can Tom Cheriyan help you

Tom's advice is, "Don't suffer in silence. Ask for help." His calendar is always open internally within Rattle, but also to the community who needs help or guidance or just need someone to talk to.

How can you help Tom

Tom loves feedback and to learn more about what he can do differently or better.

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