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Close deals & onboard clients 25% faster

Instantly create Mutual Action Plans that help you close deals faster, know what's actually happening in a deal, and enable your champions

  • Accelerate time to revenue
  • Standardize your entire sales playbook
  • Handoff seamlessly to post-sales

Trusted by the world's fastest growing teams

Every deal gets a living, breathing workspace for you, your team, and your buyers

No more jumping between a million tools. Consolidate all of your call notes, action items, and marketing materials in one place

You can even update your Salesforce Opportunities and Accounts without ever leaving the workspace

#1 Sales Collaboration Platform
used to manage $500+ million in revenue


Streamline your sales cycle

Hold stakeholders accountable during complex
evaluations, negotiations, and implementations

Learn how Second Nature streamlined sales by 34%

Clone your best sales reps

Ensure best practices are always
followed and stop losing deals


Forecast deals with pinpoint accuracy

Gain real-time visibility into your deals without complicated reports and make deal reviews more efficient

Learn how

Handoff smoothly to post-sales

Collaborate with internal Sales Engineers and Customer Success teams from discovery through renewals


Integrate with Salesforce

Sync bi-directionally with Salesforce to reduce admin work, improve data hygiene, and drive efficiencies

Streamline your workflow

See what all the hype is about

Recapped is easily the biggest game changer to our sales stack. THIS is how EVERY team should be selling!
Chris Hollister Recapped.io Guided

Chris Hollister, VP of Sales

Chris Hollister Recapped.io Guided
A much needed tool for any mid-market or enterprise sale. It's definitely improved my close rates too
Ian Grady Pendo Recapped.io

Ian Grady, Enterprise Account Executive

Ian Grady Pendo Recapped.io
Easiest software for Enterprise Mutual Action and Account Plans. Can be implemented in minutes
Tracey Solanas VTS Recapped.io

Tracey Solanas, VP of Enterprise Sales

Tracey Solanas VTS Recapped.io
If you have a multi-step B2B sales or onboarding process, Recapped is a game-changed. Our clients love the platform
Andrew Smallwood Second Nature Guided

Andrew Smallwood, Director of Sales

Chris Hollister Recapped.io Guided
I don't know how we managed deals before Recapped. We get clear insights into what the reps are doing and can save deals before it's too late. Amazing.
Lee Insinga Datasembly Recapped.io

Lee Insinga, COO

Lee Insinga Datasembly Recapped.io
Recapped helps me stay on track with what's actually going on, and to easily collaborate with external partners
Ryan Driscoll Qualtrics  Recapped.io

Ryan Driscoll, Global Partner Manager

Ryan Driscoll Qualtrics  Recapped.io
Recapped is such a beneficial tool to provide visibility to our clients and organize the next steps to move forward with the onboarding plan. We know what's coming, and have personalized workspaces for each client
Oceane Account Manager Enroly Guided

Oceane Ghemmaz, Account Manager

Oceane Account Manager Enroly Guided
Recapped helped us shorten our sales cycle significantly, it helped aligned both parties in a seamless way. I also saw a noticeable difference in terms of proactiveness from the customer - no more confusion on next steps or lost email attachments.
Arjun Patel Workclout  Recapped.io

Arjun Patel, CEO

Arjun Patel Workclout  Recapped.io
Recapped simplifies the back-and-forth of complex sales so you're not searching through tons of emails and spreadsheets. It's so easy to put everything in one place in a professional manner
Angel Olavarria Recapped.io

Angel Olavarria, Enterprise Account Executive

Angel Olavarria Recapped.io

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