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Feb 1, 2024

Recapping with Recapped: Go Nimbly's CEO Jen Igartua

Mark Fershteyn
CEO & Co-founder

Lessons from a B2B and B2C CEO for Winning in 2024

As the dust settles on 2022, business leaders across industries seek insight into what worked, what failed, and how to course correct in 2023. To gather intel from the frontlines, I recently spoke with Jen Igartua, CEO of Go Nimbly, a revenue operations consulting firm, along with game startup Pillbox Games.

With a foot in both the B2B software and B2C gaming worlds, Jen brings a unique viewpoint spanning sectors. Over 30 minutes, we covered everything from managing hybrid teams and recession-proofing businesses to AI’s influence on sales and marketing.

A few key themes emerged from our wide-ranging discussion:

Today's Revenue/GTM Leader Speaker:

Focus on Net Revenue Retention

Like most B2B software companies, Jen’s clients scrambled to emphasize net revenue retention (NRR) and renewal processes in 2023. With growth stalling industry-wide thanks to hiring freezes and budget cuts, the recurring revenue engine became mission-critical to weather the storm.

As Jen recounted, “The switch from revenue growth to NRR was a big metric shift, and I think that did work, and it worked for all the reasons we all know.”

Specifically, competitive firms zeroed in on usage analytics, predictive modeling, and customer success to systematically boost expansions and prevent churn. For 2023, companies will continue optimizing sales and marketing operations to double down on loyalty and longevity.

The Failure of Outbound Prospecting

In a nod to oscillating tactics, Jen noted, “We’re all struggling. Right, this is, you know, this is the collective consciousness. It’s not just any sub-vertical or any one specific company. Like, this is felt all around literally the entire globe.”

And that universal pinch strained outbound methodologies as decision-makers grew wary of big-budget software purchases. As Jen explained, “Humans are so good at identifying a message that’s been automated and isn’t really for them.” So enter AI-powered outbound and increasingly crowded inboxes.

At this point in the marketplace evolution, ultra-personalized, human-centric outreach stands the best chance of cutting through noise. And conversely, technology can help sales and marketing teams scale crafting resonant messaging approaches.

Networking and Community Building

With artificial intelligence set to flood digital channels with robotic content across sectors in 2023, thought leadership and relationship building becomes more pivotal. This insight transcends Jen’s work in B2B and rings true for consumer products as well.

As Jen recommended regarding elevating personal brands: “Be someone who other people for that [networking] to work.”

Likewise, practitioners should consider building knowledge hubs, facilitating value exchanges, and convening user communities around shared interests and pain points. Think growth marketing meets loyalty program meets support community.

Focus on Hybrid Team Management

As traditional offices stood relatively empty over the past three years, hybrid approaches look here to stay. And the flexibility serves as a competitive advantage in attracting top talent. However, Jen has learned first-hand that it also introduces management challenges.

Specifically, she targets three areas for improving distributed team operations in 2023:

  1. Enhanced collaboration rhythms
  2. Better remote meeting facilitation
  3. Reimagined social bonding activities

Though hybrid models afford work/life balance, they also risk alienating remote staff and stunting productivity if not nurtured. So leaders must continue evolving best practices.

To Recap with Go Nimbly's Jen

B2B software remains a solid bet in 2023 for founders and investors alike thanks to sticky recurring revenue and automation capabilities. However, inefficient max growth models now require optimization based on usage analytics, loyalty, and retention.

Consumer tastes likewise demand more resonant branding and community engagement.

As Jen Igartua summarized regarding her consulting work: “The switch from revenue growth to NRR was a big metric shift, and I think that did work, and it worked for all the reasons we all know.”

Her diverse background lends unique authority to trends spanning sectors and roles. With the right tweaks, purpose-driven firms can still thrive amid economic uncertainty through a focus on empathy, service, and meaning creation.

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