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Jan 18, 2024

Recapping with Recapped: Fletch PMM's Robert Kaminski

Mark Fershteyn
CEO & Co-founder

How This Marketing Consultancy Grew 100+ SaaS Clients in 2023

Between cautious buyers, mass layoffs, and market shifts, 2023 challenged even the strongest SaaS startups. So how did consultancy Fletch thrive?

I sat down with Fletch co-founder Rob Kaminski to get his take on powering through the economic storm - plus what's ahead for 2024.

Today's Revenue/GTM Leader Speaker:

Give Value, Build Trust on LinkedIn

Fletch snagged over 100 early-stage SaaS clients largely via LinkedIn in 2023. But rather than self-promotion, they focused on educating founders and marketers struggling to gain traction.

As Rob said, "Our whole premise is give value first." By generously sharing frameworks and insights from the messy SaaS trenches, they built credibility and community.

This trust opened the door for founders to eventually ask Fletch for help crafting positioning and messaging when they got stuck on their own.

Get Specific to Cut Through the Noise

Early on, trying to appeal to everyone diffused Fletch's expertise. As Rob realized, "The specific message will win if you're willing to double down."

So they narrowed their focus to solving common traction troubles specifically for seed and Series A B2B SaaS companies. Then Rob and co-founder Anthony simplified concepts into compelling visuals that stopped LinkedIn scrollers in their tracks.

This laser targeting combined with useful, snackable content earned attention and business in a crowded space.

Stick to What Works in 2024

With their successful formula in place, Fletch's 2024 plan is simply rinse and repeat.

Rob wants to double down on insightful content sharing rather than getting distracted by shiny new channels. And they'll invest more in knowledge transfer and automation to smooth scaling.

One experiment though - repurposing expertise into a self-service course. But the core activity fueling everything is obsessively answering what buyers need next.

As Rob said, "Can we get another whole year of new insights and share them in new ways?" Stagnation is the biggest threat given LinkedIn's algorithm changes.

Recapping with Fletch’s Rob Kaminski

For startups struggling amid the lingering SaaS chill, Fletch offers hope. Their recipe: Establish expertise, give value freely, get laser-focused, stay nimble.

Rinse and repeat into 2024.

The economic climate calls for back-to-basics creativity combined with an abundance mindset. What value can you create to pull others forward with you?

Giving Back to the Community

How can Robert Kaminski help you

Robert says they live on LinkedIn. Send them a DM. Ask them questions. He's happy to help.

How can you help Robert

Comment on their posts. Be critical. Share your opinions. Robert finds that they learn more when people engage with them, so they can help others.

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