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Momentum is the single greatest determinant of sales success. Knowing what comes next can save your next deal.

Organize every step of your sales cycle and anticipate any detours that could slow it down. Create a detailed plan that keeps your entire revenue team and your clients accountable for achieving a successful sale. 

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What is a Mutual Action Plan?

You may know them as Joint Engagement Plans, Close Plans, or Mutual Success Plans. To us, they’re the key to successful sales cycle management and stakeholder alignment. 

Mutual Action Plans get deals done faster, with less friction. They give Account Executives concrete documentation to map out the action items required for deal closure and client satisfaction throughout onboarding.  

The result is fewer balls dropped and more deals completed.

Create Frictionless Sales with Mutual Action Plans

Take Your Buyer Journey to the Next Level

Unsynchronized spreadsheets and static email strings with scattered action items are holding you back. For every second spent searching through their inbox or scouring Slack, your buyer is losing steam. 

Mutual Action Plans eliminate frustrating, deal-destroying friction from your pipeline.

⚠️ But what if your reps don't use it?

Typically only process-driven reps will create mutual action plans. What if you could hold ALL of your reps accountable for creating MAPs? 💙

Recapped, a mutual action plan platform was purpose built for standardizing mutual collaboration.

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We want to enable you to tap into the full sales execution potential of mutual action plans.

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Start using customizable, trackable Mutual Action Plans synchronized in a system that brings all your stakeholders together. See what Mutual Action Plans can do on our revolutionary platform.
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