May 9, 2023

How High-Performing Teams Utilize Digital Sales Rooms for SaaS Sales Execution

Mark Fershteyn
CEO & Co-founder

If you want to know how to get better at something, you look to the people or groups who are already doing it very well. Sales execution is no exception. 

Other sales teams can learn a lot from looking into the ways high-performing teams manage their sales processes. One thing many high-performing SaaS teams have in common is their use of digital sales rooms, and other sales leaders should take note. 

Digital sales rooms, online spaces where salespeople and prospects can collaborate during deals, are becoming increasingly popular with top SaaS teams. Let’s explore the different ways teams are using digital sales rooms to create better sales processes. 

Creating a repeatable sales playbook

Any sales team has its top performers and some sales reps who don’t perform quite as well. The difference between those two groups often comes down to the sales playbook—aka sales process—that those reps are using. 

Without a company-wide playbook, sales reps are left to fill in the blanks and adapt their own strategies and processes during every deal. Sometimes, those moves are incredibly effective, and sometimes, they’re detrimental to their chances of closing the deal. 

Sales leaders of high-performing teams know that they need to collect the most effective sales strategies, methods, and tricks that their reps use and compile them into a playbook. The next step is making sure that the sales playbook is repeatable and accessible for all their sales reps. That’s where digital sales rooms come into play. 

Within digital sales rooms, sales leaders build effective sales playbooks that their reps can follow on every single deal. No more guessing on the best strategy or trying a tactic and hoping for the best. 

Multi-threading stakeholders

A common issue for sales reps is failing to multithread stakeholders on their deals at the right times. 

Bringing in stakeholders at the wrong point in a deal (or not at all) can knock a deal off course and make closing that deal much more difficult. The stakeholders won’t have the information they need, won’t be engaged in the deal, and reps will have to start from scratch to bring them up to speed. 

High-performing sales teams use digital sales rooms to ensure sales reps can thread in stakeholders at the exact right moments in each deal. In the digital sales room, reps can include everything that stakeholders being brought into the deal need to know. 

They don’t have to start over or leave the new stakeholders scrambling to catch up. Instead, they simply direct the new stakeholders to all the content in the digital sales room—from activity on the deal to resources the reps have shared. 

Visual representation of communication within a sales deal.

Consolidating sales collateral

To move prospects along the sales funnel, your sales reps need the right resources at the right times. Those resources—sales collateral—come in many forms, from white papers and case studies to presentations and videos. 

Most sales teams have a problem, though. They have no good way of storing and organizing those sales resources so sales reps and customers alike can easily access them. 

Top sales teams use digital sales rooms to consolidate all their sales collateral for each deal in one location. From there, prospects can easily access all the information they need to make their purchasing decisions. They don’t have to go back and forth with sales reps in endless emails or other communications to keep track of all the sales collateral. 

Consolidate all content in one place within a digital sales room.

Incorporating Mutual Action Plans (MAPs)

Mutual action plans (MAPs) aren’t unique to digital sales rooms, but they are much more useful within a client-facing collaboration software, like Recapped

MAPs are documents that outline the steps the sales team and prospective customer will take throughout the sales cycle. They address three main areas: what must happen, when it must happen by, and who is responsible for each piece of the puzzle. 

In digital sales rooms, MAPs become living documents that show everyone involved what needs to happen next on the path to partnership. Stakeholders can see at a glance the next steps to take to get the deal approved as well as the steps that have already been completed. 

As they complete the steps, either party can update the MAP to reflect this progress. Using MAPs this way removes so much of the confusion and uncertainty that often holds up sales deals. There’s a clear path forward with MAPs, everyone just needs to follow it. 

Mutual action plans help hold sellers and buyers accountable to next steps.

Enforcing sales methodologies

Even companies that have put together sales playbooks can’t always get their sales reps to stick to those methodologies. The sales reps may not want to adopt the new methodology or it may be separate from the existing sales process. 

Whatever the reason, if reps don’t use their company’s sales methodologies, they’re much more likely to achieve wildly different results from one rep to the next. 

Top teams find better ways to enforce their sales methodologies and avoid this problem. They use digital sales rooms to make the methodologies easy to adopt, quantifiable, and aligned with their sales stages. Digital sales rooms make it as easy as possible for sales reps to follow established sales methodologies.  

Easily include sales methodology qualifiers into your sales processes and sync it with your CRM with Recapped.

Supercharge your sales process with digital sales rooms

If you want your team to get results similar to those achieved by the top-performing sales teams, take advantage of the same tools they do. Digital sales rooms offer comprehensive features that will standardize your sales process and take it to the next level, especially when paired with mutual action plans. 

Your team can use digital sales rooms to do five key things that will help you close more deals:

  1. Develop a repeatable sales playbook
  2. Multi-threading stakeholders at the right times
  3. Consolidate your sales collateral
  4. Implement live mutual action plans
  5. Enforce sales methodologies

Recapped is a digital sales room with built-in mutual action plans that helps SaaS sales teams streamline their sales process. Within Recapped, you can collaborate with potential customers, assign next steps, and track buyer engagement on every deal—all from one platform. 

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