Feb 7, 2023

The Importance of Customer Onboarding Software

Mark Fershteyn
CEO & Co-founder

Today's buying process for B2B customers is drastically different than it was even just a few years ago. With the rise of digitization, customer needs are more complicated and require more comprehensive solutions.

As the demand rise, so do the expectations of the onboarding experience.

Today, a successful customer implementation can bring long-term value. In fact, experience-driven businesses see almost two times higher annual growth in customer retention, repeat purchase rates, and customer lifetime value than other organizations. 

Additionally, 86% of people say they’d be more likely to stay loyal to a business that invests in onboarding content that welcomes and educates them after buying. 

The quality of client onboarding is clearly positively related to Net Revenue Retention (NRR), a critical metric that investors and business leaders consider when evaluating a company.

Net Revenue Retention (NRR) Forumla

Sales teams, customer success managers, and account representatives can use customer onboarding software to provide seamless customer experiences and keep customers coming back and spending more.

By making the transition from their initial contact with the sales team to ongoing usage and engagement with it as frictionless as possible, businesses can retain more customers without undue pressure on their operations team or diminishing profits.

Customer expectations continue to rise

As technology becomes more prominent in the day-to-day lives of enterprise businesses, their expectations for client onboarding experiences continue to rise.

Today it's a critical factor in any buyer's decision-making process today, with 63% of customers considering the company's onboarding program when purchasing.

Organizations that invest in enterprise customer onboarding software can make the process smooth and efficient. Well-designed customer onboarding tools can help businesses implement comprehensive strategies that provide a consistent, positive experience across all channels and touchpoints.

It's especially true in the world of SaaS and startups, where enterprise customers are expected to begin using the product quickly and efficiently without any confusion or missteps. They want to quickly achieve the ROI that was promised throughout the sales process.

Those who adapt and satisfy these growing needs will tap into the potential value of recurring enterprise customers.

Onboarding is a fragmented, messy process today

Onboarding customers can be lengthy and labor-intensive due to the sheer number of tasks that need to be completed and the amount of communication required. It demands technical and operational expertise and an immense amount of coordination between various departments and stakeholders.

Customer onboarding software streamlines this messy process as it consolidates task management and reduces the risk of manual errors in spreadsheets, emails, and CRMs. 

Such solutions give organizations the tools to identify the stakeholders and their needs, create seamless onboarding plans, and put processes in place that ensure customer requirements are met consistently and quickly.

This is what communication looks like visually between two organizations.

How do enterprise customer onboarding solutions personalize the experience?

Every customer has different goals and expectations and therefore needs a different onboarding process - it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Customer onboarding software can provide the personalization enterprise customers are looking for. They bring about a process tailored to each customer's needs and preferences - helping each client get the most out of their purchase.

Customer onboarding software creates unified processes

Similarly, every Customer Success Manager has a different process for onboarding customers. In process consolidation, an onboarding solution can drive structure for ongoing engagement, customer success activities, tasks, timelines, and more. 

By implementing one process, similar to a sales playbook,  Customer Success Managers can gain consistency and reliability across the enterprise, leading to fewer mistakes, operational efficiency, and better customer success outcomes.

No more searching for information within emails and spreadsheets. Keep everything all in one place.

Keeping everything on track is incredibly difficult

To create success in the customer onboarding process, onboarding teams must remain organized and on top of the many different aspects of the implementation. From keeping track of email threads, slack messages, and CRM notes to knowing exactly when a client needs attention, staying on top of every detail is important. 

Fragmented communication is a major obstacle to successful enterprise customer onboarding. With remote work, new hires, and other changes in the tech and enterprise space, keeping communication lines open and making sure everyone is on the same page can be difficult. 

Consolidate everything in a simple place for your buyer

Leveraging powerful technologies like Recapped's enterprise customer-collaboration platform can simplify customer onboarding and create a more unified experience.

Recapped provides a comprehensive enterprise customer onboarding software solution that helps companies centralize information, streamline processes, and stay organized. It enables users to manage tasks, coordinate customer onboarding activities, and communicate and track progress in a single platform.

Companies can use enterprise customer onboarding software to bring together Sales, Customer Success, and other departments for enterprise customers. It provides a comprehensive understanding of their enterprise customers and helps keep everyone informed.

Organize all your resources in one centralized area for less friction for your new customers.

Using Mutual Success Plans to organize your process

Creating a mutual action plan with action items and automatic email reminders is essential for successful enterprise customer onboarding. It ensures the onboarding process runs smoothly, is tailored to the customer’s needs, and meets their expectations.

To create such a plan, onboarding teams must work with customers to define the customer’s goals and work backward. Such plans should include tasks and milestones that must be completed for customers to get set up quickly, use the product, and meet such goals on time.

Once the plan is in place, the customer onboarding software can act as a task management system and collaboration platform to manage the entire process.

This is the heart of the mutual action plan, also known as the mutual success plan.

Let's Recap

Today's customers expect customer onboarding to be smooth, organized and enabling. To keep up with their demands,  enterprise companies should leverage enterprise customer onboarding software to provide the best customer experience, unify processes, and collaborate more effectively.

Recapped's customer-collaboration software is the perfect way to stay organized, keep everyone informed, and create efficient mutual action plans. With Recapped, your enterprise customers will be able to get set up quickly, use the product efficiently, and meet their goals on time while providing deeper insights into enterprise customer onboarding trends.

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