Sep 30, 2023

Recapped Releases - New product updates to improve your sales execution

Mark Fershteyn
CEO & Co-founder

New product updates to improve your sales execution  🎉

In today's world, efficiency is everything.

We've found that the best revenue leaders want to increase sales productivity by:

  • ⚡️ Standardizing playbooks and enabling reps to execute perfectly.
  • 💙 Providing the best buyer experiences to stand out from the competition.
  • 🔍 Getting visibility into every deal and strategizing to win.

We understand you have your own processes, so we're excited to announce our latest batch of updates to meet you where you are.


  • [Bonus Content] Masterclass - How to Revenue Leaders are Optimizing Deal Reviews with Mutual Action Plans
  • Embed Recapped - Embed directly inside your Salesforce Opportunities
  • Zapier Integration - Connect thousands of tools with Recapped
  • Slack Integration - Get real-time updates directly in Slack
  • 30+ Embedded Integrations - Embed your favorite content like call recordings, calendars, powerpoints, and more directly in Recapped workspaces

Embed Recapped inside Salesforce Opportunities 🎯

Cut down on duplicate work and provide visibility into your deals directly from Salesforce.

  • As a rep, spend less time jumping between platforms and more time closing.
  • As a leader, spend less time catching up and more time strategizing with your reps to gain revenue!

Embed Recapped directly inside Salesforce Opportunities!

Integrate Recapped with thousands of tools  ⚡️

Extend the power of Recapped to all your workflows and tools with our new Zapier integration. The possibilities are exciting and endless!

Example: Automatically send an email when a client joins your workspace, move a ticket in Jira when a step is completed, or create a workspace when a deal reaches a particular stage in any CRM.

Connect Recapped to your favorite tools through Zapier.

Stay notified with our Slack integration 📣

Timeliness matters in deals. Never miss an update with this Slack integration.

Get notified whenever a Client takes action in your deals or engages with your content. Show them you care and are there when they need you! 🤝

Integrate Recapped into your Slack and stay up to date!

Embed Block options within your client-facing workspaces 💪

Stop asking your champion to search through their inbox to find relevant content. Enrich your buyer’s experience by embedding your favorite tools directly within Recapped.

Over 30 integrations and embeds to supercharge content in your workspaces and streamline workflows, including Airtable, Asana, Calendly, ChiliPiper, Figma, Google Drive, Google Sheets, HubSpot Forms, Loom, LucidChart, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Miro, Monday, Navattic, PandaDoc, SharePoint, Typeform, YouTube, Zoom, and more!

30+ integrations and embeds with Recapped

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