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Recapped has partnered with Winning by Design to seamlessly implement your sales methodology, provide a winning buyer experience, and achieve maximum impact!

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Enforce your methodology with Recapped

Recapped helps incorporate the SPICED™️ framework into your sales process seamlessly and provides a more buyer-friendly workspace to collaborate together.

Increase close rates on deals
Ensure that reps are asking the right questions, and giving yourself a competitive advantage on deals.

Create a repeatable playbook that every rep follows
Templatize your playbook, so the perfect process is followed every single time.

Sync Recapped bi-directionally with Salesforce or HubSpot
Recapped automatically syncs all Account and Opportunity fields bi-directionally in real-time. Integrate Winning by Design’s SPICED™️ framework into opportunity fields instantly!

Proven Methodology from Winning by Design

Winning by Design is a global B2B revenue consulting and training company that enables recurring revenue teams to architect sustainable growth.

Combining their specialized skills as operators of high-growth companies, they apply scientific frameworks and proven models to help Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams achieve impact at B2B companies such as Uber Eats, DocuSign, Hewlett Packard, Adobe, and more.

Implement Winning by Design's SPICED™️ Framework

SPICED™️ is a framework that helps you better diagnose your prospects. Just like a doctor, your prescribed solution should help them achieve their desired outcomes—and that prescription requires you to solve the source of their pains, not just the symptoms.

Using SPICED™️ as a framework, you can find and organize information systematically to make sure you understand your prospect’s background, pains, desired impacts, and how and when they will commit to your solution.

Use SPICED™️ as a framework to gather information on calls, for hand-offs between teams, (e.g., prospecting to sales, sales to customer success), or for summarizing deals during internal forecasting meetings.

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