Easily Manage Complex Proof of Concepts

Ensure successful evaluations by aligning the right stakeholders, managing success criteria, and achieving key dates and milestones

  • Keep software pilots on track
  • Consolidate all content into a single workspace
  • Stand out from the competition

The Importance of Proof of Concepts

In the world of enterprise software solutions, you will almost always have to prove your solution works before they buy.

Proof of Concepts (or tech evaluations) are a tremendous opportunity to get your product into the hands of your potential customer.

But successfully managing pilots can be a nightmare. Sales veterans know that a proof of concept can make or break or deal.

Learn how to run successul proof of concepts.

Traditional PoC's

  • Customer requirements are scatteres across countless emails and spreadsheets
  • No clear list of next steps and milestones for your prospects
  • Hard to track call notes and what customers care about
  • No single place for relevant sales collateral
  • Siloed communication with other departments like Legal and Procurement
  • No way to track prospect engagement and interest

PoC's in Recapped

  • Requirements are clearly documented and visibile for all stakeholders
  • Clear checklist of everything that needs to be done for mutual success
  • Instantly sync internal call notes with Salesforce
  • Centralize your proof of concept into a single place
  • Loop in relevant stakeholders into your mutual action plans
  • Deal Engagement Score that enables success in your most critical deals

Streamline complex pilots

Create accountability and transparency for every stakeholder involved

Duplicate your best evaluations

Enable your team to run flawless enterprise pilots, and stand out from the competition

Integrate with your tools

Instantly sync with Salesforce, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more to reduce duplicate work

Stop losing critical Proof of Concepts

Gain your unfair advantage now
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