Miller Heiman Group specializes in sales training and consulting. Their well-known sales methodology strategically adapts situational selling behaviors based on opportunity complexity and buying group dynamics. Four distinct approaches apply best at different times:

Hardball Selling – Used for competitive, price-sensitive accounts, Hardball focuses on bottom line value, confident fast pacing, and persistent securing of commitments.

Solution Selling – Ideal for mid-complexity scenarios, Solution Selling aims to build consensus around customized solutions tailored to customer needs identified through questioning and validation.

Strategic Selling – Strategic Selling employs an extended, 9-step consultative process to shape strategies and vision for complex, enterprise-level accounts involving multiple stakeholders.

Conceptual Selling – When selling intangible services, Conceptual Selling conveys the value and benefits through metaphors, stories, and visions that make concepts less abstract.

Miller Heiman methodology recognizes sales situations are fluid. Skilled sellers adapt their strategies based on shifting account, competitive, and economic dynamics to progress opportunities. Training helps build proficiency across the spectrum of approaches. The methodology emphasizes aligning to customer buying styles and priorities versus rigid adherence to sales processes.

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