MEDDICC Sales Methodology

The MEDDIC sales process provides a framework for qualifying B2B opportunities through asking questions and gathering data on six key areas:

Metrics – Quantifying the opportunity size by projected revenue, spending budget, pricing potential, and expected ROI demonstrates tangible value and priority. Larger numbers indicate deals warranting greater investment.

Economic Buyer – Identifying economic buyers with authority to make the purchase decision enables directing selling efforts at real decision makers. Engaging true approvers is essential.

Decision Process – Understanding details of the prospect's evaluation and purchase process, requirements, timeframe, and stakeholders provides a roadmap to navigate each step.

Decision Criteria – Learning the customer's expected outcomes, success metrics, constraints, and ranking factors provides insights to convey aligned value and mitigate risk.

Identifying Pain – Uncovering pains, challenges, urgent needs, and potential financial implications frames the offering's relief value. Mutual transparency on issues drives relevancy.

Champion – Cultivating internal champions who advocate for your solution applies pressure on the buying process. Champions validate the message.

Vetting MEDDIC criteria during discovery conversations, account planning, and opportunity reviews equips sales teams to pursue only well-qualified, high-potential deals. It signals when deals need more development before worthwhile investment. MEDDIC's analytical approach informs data-driven decisions.

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