Mutual Action Plan Software by Recapped

Stand out with mutual action plans that keep prospects accountable. Close more deals and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Automate your action plans for opportunities
  • Provide rich content for prospects
  • Add stakeholders easily to existing plans

What are Mutual Action Plans?

A Mutual Action Plan, also known as Joint Engagement Plans (JEP's) or Close Plans, are documents that Account Executives create to manage their sales cycles with client or customer.

A strong Mutual Action Plan includes key dates and milestones through the close of the opportunity, and often even through completion and implementation to a Customer Success team member.

Mutual Action Plans also include a summarized analysis of the needs, goals, and objectives of the evaluation or product offering. They are effective in keeping your deals on track and holding customers accountable. They also give your customer comfort and confidence with your company and solution in return.

Why do legacy Mutual Action Plans fall short?

Is your company doing Mutual Action Plans at all? If so, great! You're ahead of an estimated 78% of sales organizations out there.

But while legacy mutual action plans are great, today they are often only sent via e-mail as a word doc, PDF, or manual spreadsheet. Those formats are all stagnant files that our research shows, gets looked at once during the start of the sales cycle, and are never reviewed or pulled up again.

Legacy action plans

  • Have to manually update fields and send reminder emails
  • Not able to assign steps to clients and stakeholders
  • Can't hide call notes and content from clients
  • Difficult to manage and add new stakeholders into existing deals
  • Important content like contracts, links, and PDF's are spread across dozens of emails
  • No way of tracking client engagement or scoring your deals
  • No CRM integration to automatically pull in deal stages, close dates, and other key deal information
  • Lack of visibility for sales leadership on where, when, and why a deal is stalled


  • Automatic email reminders and notifications for every stakeholder involved
  • Easily assign steps to clients and internal teammates in seconds
  • Hide content from clients to gather requirements, take deal qualification notes, and share content
  • Quickly add new stakeholders and manage existing relationships
  • Consolidate all your sales content into a single easy-to-find place for buyers and clients
  • Deal Engagement Score that updates in real-time to guide you on your most critical deals
  • Integrate with Salesforce in seconds to automatically pull deal stages, contacts, and other key information
  • Complete visibility for all levels of sales leaderships

Accelerate sales cycles

Create total transparency and accountability for your buyers and stakeholders

Clone your best reps

Ensure best practices are followed on every single deal, every single time

Forecast with greater accuracy

Real-time insights into what's been done, what's coming up, and actual client interactions

Built by sales people for sales people

Gain your unfair advantage
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