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Consumer Goods (B2B)


faster sales cycle

6 hours

saved per rep per week


team adoption in 30 days

The Challenge

Second Nature is a consumer goods startup that's disrupting the Real Estate industry. Their fast growing team was closing deals at record page.

However, a lot of those customers were stuck in the handoff phase from sales to onboarding. New customers had to go through a series of next steps in setting up their Second Nature platform, which mean confusion and lost deals.

Since customers weren't sure of their next steps, they stalled during the crucial onboarding and implementation phase. This resulted in countless deals lost, contracts not signed, and less than perfect customer experience.

To combat this critical problem, the Second Nature team tried implementing project management tools, spreadsheets, sending checklists in emails, and internal tools. Nothing worked.

Second Nature needed an onboarding platform to keep customers accountable to next steps.

"We were dead in the threads. Deals were constantly lost because of email threads"

Andrew Smallwood

Sr. Director of Sales

How Recapped Helped

Assigning next steps for clients to complete

Instead of having checklists in emails, Second Nature could now create interactive checklists for clients to complete.

Recapped even sends automatic email reminders along the way, ensuring clients complete tasks on time.

Creating a repeatable process for the entire org

Second Nature was able to automate most of their sales handoff and client onboarding experience with reusable templates.

This gave them the confidence that every customer was having the best possible interaction.

Integrating directly into Salesforce

Since Recapped integrates directly into Salesforce, the Second Nature team could track the status of every single deal.

After sharing an onboarding plan with a new customer, key information was automatically imported into Salesforce.

"We saw ROI within 30 days. We'll never go back."

Scott Stollwerk

VP of Sales

The Results

Recapped was able to help Second Nature streamline their entire sales process, automate their workflow, and most importantly..provide amazing customer experiences.

By streamlining their sales and onboarding process, Second Nature was able to hold customers accountable and get insights into what customers were actually doing.

Instead of a manual process that was managed differently across the organization, the leadership team had confidence that every single deal had the same level of attention and best practices.

This increased the amount of new business, brought more efficiency without hiring additional employees, and changed the way customers perceived Second Nature.


faster sales cycle

6 hours

saved per rep per week


team adoption in 30 days

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