Nov 29, 2022

Top Ways B2B Companies Can Cut Onboarding Time in Half

Mark Fershteyn
CEO & Co-founder

The longer it takes to onboard a client, the less likely they are to get 100% through the process. So it goes without saying – the quicker you can get it done, the better.

A great onboarding experience is quick, habituates your solution to your client, increases customer loyalty (and their lifetime value to your company), and reduces churn. It sets the tone for the entire customer experience. People like simple – and your onboarding process should be just that. Keep it short. Keep it engaging.

Read on to learn about top ways to cut your onboarding time in half.

Create a collaborative onboarding project plan

The future of sales is collaborative. When your clients are looped in on all aspects of your onboarding project plan, it eliminates the awkward in-between phases of waiting around, confused on what to do next. Or worse – losing interest, not waiting around at all, and seeking an alternative solution. 

When you use a customer collaboration platform like Recapped, you and your clients have complete visibility into what tasks are completed and what still needs to be done. Everything is consolidated and continually updated so when you log onto the platform you get an accurate and easy-to-consume snapshot of where things stand.

Complete visibility means you’re able to see your clients’ progress, their latest activity, and anything they may be struggling with – which makes it easy for you to jump in to help, when and if needed.

You and your clients are able to map the customer journey together. Similar to collaborative mutual action plans, clients tend to be more proactive through the onboarding process when they’re a part of creating the plan. When you have complete visibility, everyone is accountable for each step of the process and things tend to go more smoothly. And when things go smoothly, they go faster, too.

Make client’s objectives the center of the onboarding plan

Your onboarding project plan should serve one purpose: meeting the needs of your client. With a highly personalized customer journey that hones in immediately on the features that best serve your client’s objectives, you decrease their time to value. 

Don’t waste time in the early stages onboarding them to features they don’t yet need. They’ll lose interest and wonder whether they even need your solution at all. Tailor the experience to first introduce the things that will most quickly make a difference in their day to day activities.

When they see benefits right away, they’ll be motivated to continue on through the onboarding process. Quickly. And – the sooner your client experiences the benefit of your solution, the more likely they are to reach the “point of no return” – the point where your solution becomes a part of their daily routine. The point where they realize they’d prefer to not live without it.

Clearly outline next steps and timelines

If key events, next steps, and timelines aren’t clearly outlined, you can bet your onboarding completion rates will plummet. Your onboarding plan should be a roadmap that keeps things moving with due dates and an easy-to-read list of next steps. Recapped’s onboarding platform uses an intuitive dashboard that lets you assign tasks, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks from sales to customer success to fulfillment.

Everyone is accountable for each step of the process – no more stalled progress due to a lack of clarity. No more onboarding headaches.

Make resources easily accessible

Make sure all necessary resources are easily accessible. When everything is consolidated into one place, it’s easy to find. And the easier it is to do something, the more likely people are to actually do it.

And don’t make your clients struggle to integrate with their already existing tech stack. When you provide already embedded integrations, you simplify the entire process and remove the need for unnecessary training and other tech-related headaches.

Keep it fast, keep it digital, & make it repeatable

The easier the onboarding process is, the more likely people will do it. Keep all documents and important information centralized to a digital platform your clients can access. The days of waiting around to sign a paper document are over – people want to take ownership of their experience – and that means being involved in every step along the way in real time.

A digital, client-facing onboarding platform lets them do just that. And with proven templates available for you to drag and drop, your entire system is repeatable and easily scalable, even while keeping the ability to create personalized work spaces for each client. 

Shortening the onboarding experience and therefore decreasing time to value for your clients gives them a better experience, increases their customer lifetime value (CLV), and reduces churn. A short onboarding experience equates to happier customers, and better business for you.

Keep your clients engaged by keeping an eye on where they are in the process, holding them accountable for next steps, and making their objectives the absolute focus of the experience. Impress them with a stellar onboarding experience. Make it easy for them to habituate your solution into their daily lives.

How Recapped can help consolidate and organize onboarding in one place

Recapped provides an intuitive, client-facing dashboard where you can map the customer journey and make your clients a part of the process. No more back-and-forth emails or disorganized information. Consolidate all onboarding materials in one place. Using it speeds up the onboarding process up to threefold. 

Set a great first impression and give your new customers the experience you really want to give them. Schedule a consultation to see how Recapped can shorten and simplify your onboarding process today.

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