Dec 21, 2020

Standing Out in the Digital WFH Age

Mike Mittelman
Enterprise Account Executive

I'm forever grateful that my first VP of Sales was obsessed with standing out from the competition.

We sold in one of the most competitive software sectors, and every deal had at least 3 to 5 serious competitors.

We were selling a luxury product in a commodity market, and prices were in a race to the bottom.

Sure we had one of the best products in the market, but usually that doesn't make sales any easier.

It was almost always a dogfight to the finish.

Hold yourself to a higher standard

My VP of Sales demanded the highest level of professionalism, especially in things we could control:

  1. The way you dress: “Dressing the part” in a nice shirt, sport coat, slacks or nice jeans if you were going to go that route. Don’t come to work (or zoom) in the hoodie and t-shirt
  2. The way you speak to customers: Speak clearly, consistently, looking them in the eye, and using proper vocabulary, not overly casual but also not too loose
  3. The knowledge we have about our customers and the space: You don't have to be the smartest person in the room, but you better know your industry inside and out. When a customer asks a tough question, you better be able to answer confidently, clearly, and with their best interest in mind

Standing out during COVID-19 is harder than ever

Some of that is still so important today, but in the age of video conferencing and remote calls, we have to fight the temptation to just roll out of bed, throw a t-shirt on and get to work.

We’re being asked to sell with the same quotas, and at the same efficacy, while staring into our computer screens all day long.

And that’s why solutions like Recapped have evolved and are now taking the market by storm. They can be a tremendous boon to any sales organization, especially given what’s going on in this new world of 100% remote sales.

We don’t have the ability to meet our customers in person anymore, and are separated from our customers by hundred, if not thousands of miles.

The ability for our prospects to “hide behind their computers” - as my old sales manager would put it - is now easier than ever.

And it’s not on our customers.

As sales reps and sales leaders...its on us. We have to be the most professional with the environment we live in.

Just dressing well isn't enough

Running truly professional remote sales processes requires being a professional guide for customers, throughout the process.

It requires a central place to store and show off our relevant content to our customers.

And it requires denoting hard dates that are built with and aligned to our customer’s expectations, to ensure we meet their deadlines - and hit our own sales goals & close dates.

And don’t even get me started on keeping all of this scalable to the many, many deals we are running, with all of the different stakeholders involved in each deal.

It sounds impossible - and for many, many account executives, sales directors and VPs, they probably think it is.

Leverage technology to help you

The crazy thing is that Recapped does literally all of this for me, and more.

Every time I start an opportunity, I know we have a purpose-built, professional looking mutual plan that has all of my content, key dates, stakeholders, demo recordings and other relevant items in a single place.

I go in and I sell that deal with unabashed confidence, and the customer, upon seeing it and reviewing together, gains in one call, almost immediately equal level of confidence and trust in me.

With Recapped, I find myself lightyears beyond the competition. It’s how modern teams sell.