Jan 10, 2023

Mutual Action Plans: Your Competitive Advantage for 2023 with Recapped and Winning by Design

Mark Fershteyn
CEO & Co-founder

What are Mutual Action Plans, and why is everyone raving about them?

Recapped and Winning by Design partnered for an exclusive webinar to apply the industry’s most effective tool, Mutual Action Plans, as your secret weapon for standing out in 2023.

In this economy, every deal matters. Your resources are decreasing, but your goals aren’t.

You’ll learn actionable tactics to improve your deal management, accelerate revenue, and start collaborating more effectively with your buyers and customers.

Your key takeaways:

✅ What are Mutual Action Plans, and how to best leverage them during complex deals
✅ Creating a consistent and repeatable sales playbook for your revenue organization
✅ Buyer Enablement: Enabling your champion and buyer through their internal procurement process

Our enthusiastic mutual action plan speakers:

  1. Mark Fershteyn: CEO and Cofounder of Recapped
  2. Chris DeNoia: Managing Director of Winning by Design

In addition, Recapped and Winning by Design curated a pre-built Mutual Action Plan playbook with Winning by Design’s SPICED™ framework, so you can easily implement these best practices into your sales processes!

Learn more here: https://www.recapped.io/templates/mutual-action-plan-by-winning-by-design

What are Mutual Action Plans?

Mutual Action Plans (aka Joint Engagement Plans, Mutual Success Plans, etc) are client-facing project plans that help manage a deal, stakeholders, and timeline. A successful mutual action plan must be mutual with your buyers and champions. It is a plan that helps your customers get to impact.

Why do customers buy your solutions? They are buying solutions to their problems. They are buying impact. Recurring revenue is a function of recurring impact.

Watch our webinar for more information.

Need assistance in creating an effective mutual action plan?

Our team at Recapped is here to help! Make an impact with your buyers and customers by seamlessly incorporating mutual action plans with your sales processes.

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