May 11, 2023

Behind Company Lines Podcast Episode 267 featuring Mark Fershteyn CEO on B2B Sales

Mark Fershteyn
CEO & Co-founder

Recapped CEO Mark Fershteyn was recently featured on the Behind Company Lines podcast to discuss the challenges of modern B2B sales and how Recapped is changing the game. During the podcast, Mark shared his insights on how to manage complex deals and the importance of collaboration in sales. He also discussed the founding of Recapped and how it is helping sales teams better manage their deals and keep track of their progress. With Recapped, teams can collaborate more effectively and improve their chances of success in today's complex sales environment.

Episode 267: Mark Fershteyn, CEO of Recapped.io

Mark Fershteyn is the CEO of Recapped.io, a new category of product that helps B2B sellers collaborate with their buyers. Before founding Recapped, Mark spent a decade selling technology and building sales teams from scratch.

Hosted by Julian Torres, Co-Founder of Behind Company Lines.

Episode Highlights

  • Mark's background in sales and passion for building things from scratch
  • Discussion on the importance of managing complex deals like a project
  • Explanation of Recapped's customer collaboration platform
  • Challenges in sales, such as competition and managing multiple stakeholders
  • Traction and growth of Recapped over the past three and a half years
  • Expectations that hiring for a small startup is different than hiring for a big corporation
  • Importance of measuring ROI and being intentional with metrics

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For more information on easier way for managing complex deals, request a demo of Recapped.