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Gain powerful visibility into your deals

Work with your clients. Not at them.

Recapped has partnered with 50PROS in providing their clients an exclusive 20% off their first year of services.

Enable your team to collaborate with clients in real-time, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

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As a client of 50PROS,
you get:

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No more guessing the status of your deals.

Replace countless emails and spreadsheets with the intelligent deal collaboration. Everything your clients need in one beautiful place.

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Hold prospects accountable

Share collaborative close plans, agree on next steps, and send automatic email reminders.

Create repeatable sales process

Eliminate busy work. Maximize productivity.

Don’t reinvent the wheel with every sale. Streamline your system and gain back hours a week of productivity with reusable templates and automation including:

Recapped Action Plan for Enterprise

Forecast deals with pinpoint accuracy

See the Future with Recapped’s Real-time Deal Visibility.

Guessing won’t get you to quota. Accelerate revenue growth with accurate, relevant deal metrics derived from in-app data and per-team deal comparisons. 

Let the here and now inform what happens next.

Gain real-time visibility into your deals without complicated reports and make deal reviews more efficient.

Manage your entire deal in one place

Drive deals from Proof of Concept to onboarding in a single dynamic system.

Email threads with too-many attachments are easy to lose in a fast-paced push to close your deals. Stop sabotaging your sales with scattered communications and bring every step of your process into a single workspace, from start to finish. 

Handoff Smoothly

Keep Your Sales Champions & Clients Connected

Stay away from unsynchronized spreadsheets and usher in an era of transparent efficiency.

Sync with Salesforce and eliminate busy work

Don't dismantle your process. Enhance it.

If you think your existing tools work well on their own, wait until you see them with Recapped. Take sales enablement to new heights with Recapped’s seamless integration with Salesforce. It ties into your existing workflow, making it easy for your reps to adopt. 

Hit the ground running with intuitive integrations and no downtime.  

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Clone Best Reps

Clone your best sales reps

Ensure best practices are always followed and stop losing deals.

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The #1 Customer Collaboration Platform trusted on over 25,000 deals

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