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Modern Tools for Modern Sales

Lightweight Project Management for you and your client. Consolidate everything in one place, collaborate on next steps, and streamline your sales process.

The most innovative teams rely on Recapped

No more countless emails and spreadsheets

Stop digging through your inbox looking for that one email.

Consolidate everything your client needs into one beautiful place.

Collaborate with clients on next steps

Automatic email reminders help keep clients accountable to next steps and eliminate confusion

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Create a repeatable sales process

Drive best practices with reusable templates, enabling your weakest reps to sell like your best

Forecast with better accuracy

Gain real-time visibility into the status of your deals without complicated reports

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Track your clients engagement

See who is viewing your content and which deals are actually progressing

Easy access for clients

No usernames or passwords to remember for your clients, ensuring they engage with your content

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Seamless handoff to CX & implementation

Loop in your post-sales team once contracts are signed without skipping a beat

Integrate into your existing workflow

Recapped integrates with Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive, and a lot more

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Consolidate all relevant content

Every contract, PDF, case study, and piece of collateral in one place

"Recapped has made for more predictable forecasting
and greater transparency into key deals"

- Andrew, Senior Director of Sales

Built by sales people for sales people

Gain your unfair advantage
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